Mikrotik IPsec/L2TP Troubleshooting

In this article I will point out the most common errors, which you may face when troubleshooting IPsec/L2TP. It will be a short one in the beginning, but I will be adding more examples with the time (and issues 😀 ).

The important thing here is that, the first step is establishing the IPsec connection and after that the L2TP tunnel.

If you are trying to establish a site-to-site connection between two Mikrotiks through IPsec/L2TP and you see this:

“xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx peer sent packet for dead phase2”

For some reason you are not able to establish IPsec connection.

Check your exchange mode to be the same on the two devices: /ip ipsec peer print 

Make sure that for every ppp profile there is local address being set: /ppp profile print

There is no problem to be the same for all of the profiles, but there must be one.


All of the examples are configured on Cloud Router Mikrotik, provided by: CloudBalkan

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